Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yarn dropping at my door

I'm sitting on the couch minding my own business, when I hear a knock at the door. Hmmm....I'm not expecting company.  It turns out that it's the UPS guy, well one of the guys (not that I know a lot of them because I have stuff delivered on a regular basis...well...er...um {whistles and moves along}.

Mr. UPS guy has a package for me....really it was for little old me.  How nice of him, to bring my new yarn...wait I don't know that it's yarn since according to the beginning of the post, I was sitting there minding my own business...well...er...um {whistles and moves along}.

I open the package and what a surprise....it's yarn, my newest crafting supply obsession.  It's a lovely Cotton/micro acrylic blend from an Italian yarn maker named Berlini named Peppi . I ordred from Numei  Now being new to the yarn game, I did some online research before ordering.   I didn't see very many reviews, but none of them were bad, so I figured why not.  

{shhhhh}Come closer...just a secret between you and me.  I may be new to the yarn game, but I know a bargain when I see it.   The yarn comes in 191 yard balls and individually run $5.99...but for they also have them a bag of 10 for $14.90.  In the words of Sheldon....."BAZINGA!"  Now that's a deal. And they quite a few yarns at closeout prices.  Even better, it looks like you can get most of their yarns as a bag of 10 for at least 50% of the regular price. Plus the shipping was super fast. It's a winner for me...but {shhhhh} don't go running off and telling everybody.

I need to interject, I really had no idea what the yarn would look like, I was basically trying to find a lightweight yarn to begin practice on some advanced crochet projects I want to do.  Yeah, I know...beginner crocheter/knitter and all...but remember I like doing things the hard way. But don't worry, you'll be hearing more on  those projects later.

Peppi in Island Blue and Firecracker
Stashing...hording....nope I still like stashing better.  My growing pile of yarn needs somewhere to grow....um I mean go.  (Please excuse my craft supply hording tendencies for showing themselves.)  Really, I have no idea where I am going to keep this growing pile of yarn.  Oh well I'll ponder that later. Right now I'm off to play with my new yarn.

I knitted...and no one got hurt

I always pictured me and knitting needles as an accident waiting to happen.  Plus no matter how many books, articles or videos I viewed, it seemed so complicated.

The crochet group I  recently joined, frequently meets with a knitting group. This combo makes perfect sense to me. I don't understand that beef between the two fiber groups. Are they like gangs or something. Do they come across each other and ask "What set you claiming...needles or hooks?"

Anyway the week before, Deb was assisting some new knitters and i asked if she would be willing to teach me. I gave her warning...I knew nothing of knitting, didn't know a knit from a purl and what the heck did "cast on" mean.  She said no problem. And she was right....no problem.

In less than an hour, she'd taught me to cast on (I'm not sure what the on needle cast on method is called) and the knit stitch.

Whoopee! I've got the hang of it...and I managed to keep the needles in hand, no injuries to anyone.

I will become a fiber artist yet.