Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I knitted...and no one got hurt

I always pictured me and knitting needles as an accident waiting to happen.  Plus no matter how many books, articles or videos I viewed, it seemed so complicated.

The crochet group I  recently joined, frequently meets with a knitting group. This combo makes perfect sense to me. I don't understand that beef between the two fiber groups. Are they like gangs or something. Do they come across each other and ask "What set you claiming...needles or hooks?"

Anyway the week before, Deb was assisting some new knitters and i asked if she would be willing to teach me. I gave her warning...I knew nothing of knitting, didn't know a knit from a purl and what the heck did "cast on" mean.  She said no problem. And she was right....no problem.

In less than an hour, she'd taught me to cast on (I'm not sure what the on needle cast on method is called) and the knit stitch.

Whoopee! I've got the hang of it...and I managed to keep the needles in hand, no injuries to anyone.

I will become a fiber artist yet.

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