Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bustin' Out

So I think we have established the fact that I don't have sense enough to start out with simple projects when taking on a new craft....this is both good and bad. The good...my CADDed (Craft Attention Deficit Disordered)  muse can be entertained for a hot second before her mind wonders elsewhere.   The bad...I usually have not grasped the basics and have to learn them as I navigate through the project.  Well, that's not always bad, just challenging sometimes.

After only crocheting about a good 3 weeks, I decided I wanted to take on a more challenging project than the market bag. I decided take on what I thought would be a simple top.

WRONG! It really should have been simple, but I found out that I really really really needed to learn to read and understand patterns...in the event I would come upon a pattern that wasn't...hmmm not quite right.

I found a neat summer top on LionBrand's site.  The Light n' Lively Tank was a must make for me. 

I should have taken the hint when I couldn't get the gauge right. I went down two hook sizes and was still off by two stitches.

Things started out ok.  The cups were a breeze to make....er...they were a little on the small size. But since I would be wearing another top under it, that was cool. But after getting them attached to the bodice...I knew I would surely have to increase their size)

Well knowing that I would need to go up a cup size, I decided to rip out the stitches....and would do that 4 or 5 more times. (Note: I have found out that this is a frustrating act.  Demolishing all the work you have done...not fun.)

I went up a size on the pattern and was somewhat comfortable with the cup size...they were still on the small size.  But I decided to go ahead and work on the bodice.

I finished some of the bodice and to my dismay, it was waaaaaaay too big.  After ripping out a couple of more times and consulting others, it was decided that the pattern was not well written.  The cups ran small and the bodice ran large. After all was said and don, I ended up removing almost 30  stitches from the bodice.  Which according to the pattern would have made this thing and XXS...no way I can squeeze into anything with S in it.  But whatever. I was ticked at this time and determined to finish this top. So stubbornly I went along. I decided to do the back and straps earlier in the pattern than recommended...it certainly made trying it on easier. 

I also decided to stop doing the increases. I was not pleased with the way the thing was blossoming out.  I now wish I hadn't done any increasing because it looks like a freaking maternity dress. 

I was so frustrated and tired of seeing this color that I had to put the project down for a couple of weeks.  Now I'm at a cross roads.  I can for the life of me figure out what the larger holes are that appear...I think they are the increases.  Also I hate the way it fits.  It does not fit close to the body like the pattern picture shows.

Believe it or not, I am really considering ripping it out yet again....grrrrr!