Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bagging it

I keep getting told that as a new crocheter I should be making pot holders.  Huh? Er ok. But anybody that knows me, knows I like  the challenge of learning a new craft in the most difficult way I can.   So after  I had a few stitches under my belt, I made a couple of scarves and moved on to hats.

Then lo and behold, I found Ralvery. Ravely really should have come with flashing lights and sirens screeching "Danger Will Robinson.  Danger Will Robinson!"  I do believe I suffered from fiber overload on that first day searching around the site.  ( need an account to view the contents of the site. It's free and well worth it...but be can easily become addicted.)

After searching through 50 billion projects and adding about 25 billion to my favorites, I decided to do a Market Bag from Lion Brand Yarn.   I've got 20 balls of Sugar 'n Cream Yarn, so it was perfect for this project.   

Lion Brand's patterns are relatively easy to read.  (Whooo..that's another aspect of this thing.  Reading and interpreting patterns. And following them....let's not forget that.)  I did make some mistakes along the way with the Market Bag, but was able to adjust without having to pull all the stitches out. The handles gave me some problems. But I figured out what I was doing wrong.  So the next one will be easier. 

I'm proud of my bag. It's already busy holding part of my quickly growing yarn stash.

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