Sunday, December 27, 2015

2+ years since my last post...ooops

If you haven't noticed yet, I'll go ahead and let you know,  I pretty much suck at consistent blogging....well blogging period. Not new news to me since I pretty much sucked at keeping a diary, journal, etc.  But I am great at doing other types of documentation...go figure. Honestly, I do think about blogging a lot. Quite often, I have a great post swirling in my head, unfortunately, there are lots of other things swirling around in my head at the same time and the great blog posts never make it to my blog.

Hmmmm, what was my last post about? Oh yeah, that great idea to do 13 in 13 which somehow became 39 projects.  Didn't happen. I did manage to go through every single magazine, book and pattern, which is what prompted the mission impossible goal in the first place. I did get about 15 (some rather large projects done) so it was not a complete bust. I am quite more conservative in my goals now.

But I need to update you on all of my fiber fun. Let's see, just a few years ago, I was just learning to crochet and knit. These days, I dye, spin and weave as well. There is not fiber activity that I won't take on....except dealing with raw fleece. I'll get into my weird quirks that prevent me from diving into that in a later post.

I won't promise to blog on a regular basis, but I will give it my best to at least do a monthly post.  Really I will give it my best.

Talk to you later.  Krapht On!

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