Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I don't wanna grow up...

You know all of the grown up duties are getting in the way of my fiber fun.  The 13 in 2013 is of to a slow start...a very slow start.  Now I can't blame it all on the grown-up duties completely, but they sure do suck up a lot of time.   Add in issues like dyelot maddness and chipping needles and my goals for January are shot right out the window.

On the chipping needles issue, Knit Picks got the package out to FedEx quickly. But the package has been handed over to the post office. {sigh}For the 3 months, I and several others in my area have had problems getting packages delivered by the post office. All other carriers come in a timely manner, but the post office...grrrr.   I had one package sent by my parents who live in the western part of the state about 220 miles away, out in limbo with them for over 2 weeks before I got it.  My last Knits Picks order from Black Friday decided to go on a tour of the mid-south before getting to me, 5 days later than it should have.  Other packages have been left in odd places with odd people (well not odd people, don't know why the post office takes it up on themselves to leave my packages with neighbors without my permission or without even leaving a notice that they've done so. Teens really don't care when a package arrives that's not for them.  They sometimes may delay before letting anyone know "hey a package arrived that should have gone to so.)  Whoo...ok mini rant over.  Need-less to say, I didn't get over to a craft store or LYS this weekend, so the clutch is on hold until the new needles get here.  I could go up a needle size, but since the sides have to be grafted together, I didn't want the gauge to get wacky.

Since, I only have one complete project two currently on needles, I'm going to have to pick all small...really small and quick projects for February. It looks like Sarai won't happen until March.  But, I'm not down and out by these setbacks.  That's life, things happen.  I can sit and moan over it, or I can move on to the next thing.  And moving on to the next thing is just what I'm gonna do.


  1. OK so you've had a few challenges. No more excuses - you've got 38 to go, right? I have 12 more - and a move in process... Good luck to the both of us, right?

  2. Yeah, I know, my needles and hooks should be moving non-stop. Wait...a move? We must get together and get caught up.