Saturday, January 5, 2013

New tenant

I have a new tenant. Her name is Marissa. She moved in with the  purpose of helping me size items I'm knitting and possibly sewing (rolls eyes a self, like I really am going to start sewing clothes again).

Even though the dress form is listed as adjustable on Amazon, there is no way to mimic your exact body...which is really what you want.  So, Marissa is getting a little help here and there.

{Whispers} Shhhhh...come closer so I can let you in on a little secret  if you haven't noticed yet.  Marrisa is a   much curvier that when she first arrived.  {Looks to the left, then to the right} Yup she's got on a bra.  One of mine, and stuffed {giggles}.  I'm still working on her.  She needs some plumping in the ab area and I've got to figure out how to get much more junk in her trunk.  If I make a sweater or top based on her current shape, I'll never be able to wear it.

I still wonder if I would have been  better off getting a group of friends together, a few bottles of wine and some duct tape and make these body forms.

I figure between the wine and the craziness either they would come out awesome, or we'd be in the emergency room with an explanation starting with "See, what had happened was...".

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  1. You better not have that wine without inviting me...